I would gladly recommend the McClellan Lopez Team

   We had two very successful realty groups offer to represent the sell of our home.  After visiting their websites and reviewing the statistics of homes they listed, we decided on using KellerWilliams.  While shopping for our next home we held three different states we were considering.  After using Zillow and Realtor.com, we noted that the KW group, listed in each of the areas.  And tended to list homes of great quality.  While the local agencies did well in their local areas, we realized that most buyers around us were moving from out of state as apposed to local realtors selling mainly to local individuals.  

  Dena Lopez was introduced to us through our home inspector.  We met at our home and her personality was infectious – PERFECT for a realtor.  We were introduced to Kathy McClellan, also with KW who assisted in every aspect of the sell.  They took detailed notes on our home and excellent photos of house and property.  That afternoon, a mock sales site was ready for us to review.  Our home was posted online and visible across the United States and internationally.  We received three requests to show in the first 72 hours, and on the 5th day we received an offer from outside the state that met our expectations.  The escrow process was fast and efficient. Two other homes on our street listed by locally focused realty agencies have yet to sell.  

   Dena and Kathy represented the KW group exceptionally and I will gladly recommend them and the KW group to any selling their home.  She reminds us that any agency can list your home.  Some will sell your home, but few can reach the audiences that can get you what the home is worth.

Paul and Cielo Major

— Paul and Cielo Major